The Plant Fairy Godfather

There is a guy who lives out in Noe Valley, who from time to time, leaves plants out on his sidewalk for anyone to pick up for free. He has a beautiful front yard with an original victorian iron fence. He must work as a landscape designer or a party planner or both, because there is an almost constant rotation of pots in the front yard and it seems that he often leaves out plants on the sidewalk that were used as centerpieces for large parties. I notice this because I walk by his house several times a week.   I have scored many freebees from this guy, and did so again on Friday.  
 There were six of these maidenhair ferns.  

Not sure where I'm going to put them all. I feel that too many plants in a space can make it look super-seventiesy, in a bad way, like macramé bad. You know what I mean?    
I'd like to put a few outside in the ground in the shady part of my yard but I'm not sure how they'll do. Anybody have these do well in their yard? We basically almost never get frost here.


rebekah said...

Where is this house? It would be worth it to walk the dog by it to snag some plants.

rebekah said...

Also, your place looks adorable.

C a i t l i n said...

Hi Rebekah, I feel kind of weird giving out some strangers address so to preserve the PFGF's anonymity, I'll only give you a clue. It's in Outer Noe and once you stumble upon it, you can't miss it. Happy hunting :)'
p.s. thanks for the house compliment. -Caitlin

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