Working on the Garage: Day One

I set out first thing this morning in search of the brackets I need to build the garage workbench which I described in yesterday's post.
Thankfully Home Depot had everything in stock. Hopefully tomorrow will be lumber day -although I'm not sure if I can get a 10 foot 4x4 on top of my car alone...
I also spent some time completely vacuuming out the crawl space in the rear. Not fun. There were a few droppings back there on the east side, but I think they may be from the rat eviction day. I'll be able to tell in the next few days if we are in the clear or not. Fingers crossed.
After I vacuumed, I laid down some scraps of plywood that will make a good base for the few pieces of furniture that we're storing back here. Pretty tedious stuff here but I can't wait to get this garage under control.

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