A New Dish: Ottolenghi's Watermelon and Feta Salad

Remember when I said I was going to try out a new recipe every two weeks? Hahahahaha. Well that didn't happen. All is not lost, though, we have still been eating pretty well, just not new things. So this is going to be a ginormous food post, starting with a new dish that I made the other night and followed by a bunch of yummy stuff we've made over that last few months. 

So the new dish; another Ottolenghi recipe, because his food combos are just so good and healthy. Start by slicing up some chilled watermelon. 
 Cut up some feta.
 Sliver some red onion and rough chop some basil.
 Bam. You're done.  
 Drizzle with olive oil and toss.
We had our watermelon salad with cheeseburgers, protein style -which means wrapped in iceburg lettuce, for all of you who don't have in-n-out burger yet.
Pasta with smoked salmon, peas, and tomatoes in a light cream sauce.
Grilled boneless, skinless with watercress and citrus salad.
 Slice oranges and green onions. Serve with olive oil.

 Grilled pork loin with roasted tomatoes and tabouli.
 Grilled sausages and apples.

 Served with waffle fries and stir fry broccoli.
 When all else fails, have antipasto!
And then change it a little and have it again.
And again as another variation.
Our standard Friday night meal. Steak with salad and fries.
I honestly can't remember what type of fish this is. Regardless, it's floured and fried in butter. Served with kale and roasted cauliflower.
This is my favorite roasted chicken meal. For a great chicken, pre-brown the bird in an iron skillet before popping in the oven. 
Serve with rice, pinto beans (canned from mexico!), roasted jalepenos and salsa. 
Grilled sausages with sugar snap peas and mashed potatoes. Flash cook the SNPs in a wok with garlic and sesame oil.
 Oliver made this rib-sticking goodness. Mac and cheese.

 Xtra spicy vegan chili.
 Lamb chops with rosemary.
 Served with roasted brussel sprouts and potatoes.


Laetitia said...

WOW ! WOW ! Even so i look at your blog morning time for me ( its about 6:35 AM right now but both of my little boys are still sleeping = BLISS ) i could eat those dishes right now !!! lol
so we growing Kales here in our little veggies patch but i never really cook Kale before ...how do you do it ? i think you said your fried them in previous post if i recall correctly ?
PS: i have same iron skillet but never cook a whole chicken in it but may try that for sure i usually stick in my Le creuset big ovale pan . but i will imagine that the iron skillet the chicken will get nice and crispy skin all around .

C a i t l i n said...

L- I fry my kale in olive oil. I use a wok so that I can work it around quickly. First crush some garlic and toss it in to flavor the oil and then immediately add the kale so you don't burn the garlic. I only started eating kale this year because I didn't know what to do with it. It is SO delicious....wish I had some growing in the yard.
I read that the reason the trick with the iron skillet works so well for a crispy chicken skin is because the pan goes in hot so it doesn't reduce the actual heat in the oven (425degrees F ). I believe this is an Alice Waters method. -Caitlin

Laetitia said...

ok going to try the Kale . so they ended up to be crispy and a soggy texture .
i was just reading about this lady in the SFGate online paper ( i think she is from Noe Valley ) how she wants to start a business of Kales Chips and how good they are suppose to be for you . here is the link of the article . in case it doesnt link well you can always google it !
A ritual in the making of Kale Mary Full of Taste kale chips, Lisa Laricchiuta tosses handful of kale in her home kitchen in San Francisco. Photo: Mike Kepka, The Chronicle

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/cityexposed/article/Kale-chips-bring-entrepreneur-inner-peace-4547393.php#ixzz2VK0aMJvQ

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