I've reached the stage in my garage overhaul where I'm dealing with a lot of nitty gritty, pain in the arse details.
Today I wanted to quickly install some shelves over the water filter before I drove out to Marin to pick up Kit from school.

Let me tell you, this was a giant fail. I mean, check out this train wreck of a wall. I know this looks like a joke, right? Like how could this happen? Well, let me tell you....behind this drywall lies one of the greatest mysteries on earth.  The wall to the left houses a steal beam that is also partially clad in something? The other wall seemed normal until I realized that part of it is housing the home's wifi cable and electronics on the other side. It's really hard to install toggle bolts if you keep running into stuff in the seemingly hollow wall! 

I did eventually narrow it down to a drillable section and patched all the mess-ups. But the shelves did not get hung and there was a whole lot of swearing involved.

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