Garage Overhaul: One Day Too Many

Yesterday's post about phase two of the garage overhaul mentioned of the need to move the garbage to a new spot in order to make room for the landing zone shelves by the entrance door.
I had actually done that part first because, as you will recall, my inner cave girl had had a cord of wood delivered that needed to be stacked and I had to devise a system right away that would hold the stack in place. 

It made sense to reuse the plywood shelf that had been originally over the garbage bins and luckily I had just enough clearance to fit everything under this big drainage pipe.

I could then screw a long board to the shelf's edge as a barrier for the wood pile.

I used my hammer drill to drill into the concrete and discovered that these concrete screws are a lot easier to get into the wall if you use a socket wrench rather than a screwdriver.

The only thing in the way of this project were these two vertical pipes.

I made a rudimentary template to jigsaw around them.

I am feeling like a one-trick pony right now with all these garage reorganization posts. Time to take a break and work on some other stuff... 

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