Summer Weekend

I haven't done a family outing post for forever. We've been pretty mellow on the activities lately while my foot heals. Over the weekend, Oliver logged in some serious hours studying for the Series 79, which he is hopefully taking in the next week or so.

So Kit and I went to the pool both Saturday and Sunday morning to give Oliver some peace and quiet. It's key to get to the pool nice and early before the throngs arrive at 10ish. 

Water was kind of murky Sunday morning. This smaller pool sees a lot of action. So much so that I can't even think about it. I avoid this pool like the plague.
On both afternoons, Oliver, Kit and I took a walk in the Presidio. We start at this park where Kit likes to hang.

Then loop around on the trails.
Walk around the quad. I love the quad, it is always empty.
Ethan had a lot of his own activities, and Calvin was ridiculous, as usual. I also spent some time hanging the pegboard in the garage, which was a total bear. There was a broken bit and lots of swearing involved. I'll post about that fun later in the week.

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