Sunday Walk through the City

The weather was really strange in the city Sunday with a combination of fog and intermittent rain. We might get heavy drizzle from fog here in summer but it rarely rains, so that was strange. It wasn't drenching though so we got out of the house, as is our usual thang.

We took our long walk from downtown to home. This is the record from Oliver's MapMyRun app.  The green dot is our start point. We walked over the hill to the Castro Muni station (marked by the pause signal) which basically takes you under market street all the way to the ferry building. He started to record again over in Jackson Square after we stopped at his office for a pit stop. (Click on the image to see bigger)

 Walking over the hill.

Kit got his usual caramels from Miette at the ferry building.

 About to start walking along the embarcadero.

If you've got a lot of dough to drop for some exquisite furniture, Hedge is the place to go.

 Outside a barista supply store in Jackson Square.

 Dreamy little penthouse up there.

I can never resist taking this picture of The Sentinel building at the intersections of Columbus, Kearny and Jackson Streets.


Love this building, even in its decrepit state. I love its flat boxy facade and of course those windows. Too much (non-victorian) architecture in SF has bay windows on it to match the prevailing style. Drives me nuts.
 I don't even know what this is but I thought the sign was cute.

 Mop dog on Fillmore Street.

Check out those gargoyles! Hurry, get thyself into the church before they get you.

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