The Garage: Pegboard and Tools

Isn't this a magnificent sight? Yes, folks we have out pegboard installed and our tools mounted.
I installed the pegboard over the weekend and man was it a mofo. How I wish we didn't have these huge concrete retaining walls in the garage because hanging anything on them is daunting. The whole hanging experience had me feeling pretty inept. I used a 5/32" bit for a 3/16" screw, as was suggested by multiple sources, and I drilled more than 1/2" deeper than the screw, and I vacuumed out each hole after drilling and still my screws kept getting stuck at about half way in. So there was much swearing and changing of bits, and more vacuuming and then changing of screw lengths and more swearing until I finally got the thing hung. 
I floated the pegboard on a frame made of firing strips just to make sure the pegboard hardware would not bottom out on the wall behind. 
I used the leftover paint from the dresser project in the sewing room (which reminds me, I still need to line those drawers).
I arranged the tools so that all of the bike tools are on the right, and more general tools and supplies are on the left.
Oliver and Ethan have many, many bike specific tools.
This was round one's purchase.  I had to go back and double up on everything. I spent about $80 on hardware!
 Ethan hung a florescent fixture above which gives great light.

There is still so much to do in the garage and in this area specifically. We need to organize the bike parts and store some of them in the space under the bench.
I need to repair this drywall from the rat adventure.
I need to paint the wall and ceiling in this corner and install a long shelf in the drywall above there. And then there's phase two of the garage overhaul which involves moving the garbage to a new spot but I'm too tired to even think about that right now, never mind explain it.


Christine @ Little House On The Corner said...

OMG! That looks amazing and sooo organised! I have some serious peg board/workbench envy!

C a i t l i n said...

It's feeling super awesomely organized right now. We'll see if it can stay that way......
:) Caitlin

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