The To-Do List

My chillins have been out of school and home for the past couple of weeks so there hasn't been a whole lot of home-improvement projects going on. That doesn't mean I haven't been dreaming about what's up next. Here's a shortlist of what I have on deck:

Board and batten the boys' bathroom, then paint -the entire thing, plus the ceiling.

Replace these lights above the front door.

They're all rusty and look like crap.

Paint the garage ceiling and walls.

Of course, I have to first make sure we've plugged the mystery rat entryway, and drywall their old superhighway.

Add a second supply shelf in the laundry room.
Overhaul the back shed. This space still needs to function as a garden shed, but I'd like it to also be cleaner and usable as a study spot for Ethan. It's super cozy with the wood burning stove we installed.

So much to do, so little time.....Who else has got themselves a giant ol' list?

P.S. Google reader is gonzo. I still have a glitch with bloglovin' (Currently bloghatin' with me right now). However, you can still find the link that will connect you in the sidebar.

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