Playing It Safe

In a previous post, I showed the inspiration for the vibe I was going for in the boys' bathroom. If you recall, I was finding this bathroom to be a bit sterile and lacking in swagger. 

Still, I had to screw up the courage to actually go with the stated plan. You see, I sometimes play it too safe with my color choices. Maybe it's because I live in sunny California, and I think everything should be all bright and airy and serene. Recently though, I am finding inspiration in more dramatic interiors, in fact the last two rooms I have painted (here and here) have both been dark. 

This color -Benjamin Moore's Gunmetal, is only half of the story. I still plan to paint the ceiling blue. Not sure if it will be very pale robin's egg or something verging toward Tiffany blue -which could be really tacky, so we'll see. 

Also, this is the only corner painted in the room so far.  I was desperate to get the area around the toilet finished so that I could uncover it and get it back into use.  My kids have been using my bathroom for about a week now and, ahem, this lady is over it. 


Laetitia said...

Problem with the ceiling you wont know if you like it with either color until you paint it all ! as i really think you need to see it as a big picture with your all room finish accessories included etc...Ceiling are such a pain to paint as well :( Love the walls tho so far ! is it it like a mat finish ?

C a i t l i n said...

I'm glad you mentioned that because I think you are right, and I was thinking that I could just paint a little swatch and decide. hmmmm....maybe I can cheat a little and paint half the ceiling one color and half the other and then decide. The finish is semi-gloss. -Caitlin

Layne @ The Room Journal said...

Wow, the board and batten looks great! I'm so impressed with your work on this room especially because bathrooms are the hardest for me to decorate. But this bathroom is looking incredible!

C a i t l i n said...

Thanks Layne. I'm really happy with the way the paneling adds to the room, now I'm hoping I can get the ceiling paint color right. -Caitlin

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