Slow Going: The Boys Bath

Remember how I said last week that I'd be lucky if I started priming the boys' bath by Friday?
Well, I was right because not only were there a million nail holes to fill on all the battens, there were also 16 window panes that needed to be taped....

 ...and lights that needed to be removed,

 or taped.

 There was a door that needed to be taken down.

 ...and more things that needed to be taped.

...and more hardware to be removed.

This bathroom upgrade is requiring a lot of prep work.  I'm hoping to be finished priming tomorrow -I have a pretty big window when Kit is at school. Of course that would also mean ignoring the mounds of dirty laundry and the empty fridge.


Laetitia said...

But a good prep work is SO important when you do a painting job ! :) should actually make the job more easy afterward . I am sure it will look stunning ! :)
PS: We found a corporate house on Dolores street ! ( yay my old neighbourhood ! that will fit the 4 of us and the dog ! :) will be there as of 25 th of september ! by by UK weather ! Hello California !

C a i t l i n said...

I know, I just wish it weren't so tedious. I'm noticing while I prime that I might not have sanded the battens enough :(
I love Dolores Street. Those palm trees! Real estate is crazy in SF right now, I'm glad you found a place.
What's the deal on bringing a dog back into the US? Do you have to impound her at all? That would stink.
And by the 25th of September, the fog should be gone. It's been really grey here of late. -Caitlin

Laetitia said...

The place we stay for now accept dog :) so relieve about that ! UK was more a pain in the butt to bring the dog in 2 years ago tho , at the time they had a quarrantine until January first 2012 so what we did is arrive in France on December 13 th and stayed for the holidays with my family over there until the second of January then drove to the UK with the Dog ( as you cant fly in with a dog ! ) its a long story ! lol but anyway for this trip you have the right to fly out with a dog ( in cargo ) and USA as long as they are up to date with vaccinations and a visit to the vet within 10 days of flying the dog is good to go ! Still cost a fortune to flying him ...about $1000 ! So we flying with Virgin and they have a great pet program and he should be pamper as much as he can be ! lol Really looking into Halloween and Thanksgiving with the kids and family this year :). Noe Valley is great not much fog over there !
Did not noticed until your last post how many windows you have in this bathroom ! going to need a lots different paints brushes to deal with the frames of those windows :( still i am sure you will manage ! :)

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