If you read this blog with any regularity, you know how I have struggled with my molate lawn. Almost a year ago I complained about the mange and then again this spring I massively weeded and reseeded to little avail.

Well, I think I finally (duh) figured out what was causing the major die-back every year....Slugs. I hate slugs. Remember when we had 'em in the garage? Rats, slugs, I mean, what kind of house cesspool are we living in? It feels like the Middle Ages around here. 

They are mowing through the lawn like there's no tomorrow.

I bought these slug and snail killer pellets which apparently are organic but can still kill slugs (go figure). Should take about a week for them to start kicking the bucket.


Christine @ Little House On The Corner said...

I hate slugs sooo much! They munched their way through all of our basil last year! We have slug pellets all over the place and luckily they do actually work! Good luck with your infestation!

C a i t l i n said...

I hope so because they are so nasty, right?

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