The Boys Bathroom: Snoozeville

Remember the recent shortlist of projects I wanted to tackle? Well, today was Kit's first day back to school for summer session, so I got right at it in the boys' bathroom.

This bathroom has good bones but almost zero sex appeal. It is feeling very vanilla to me. Super plain Jane, if you know what I mean.   

I was going for a classic bathroom vibe when we built the house -it's hard to go wrong with subway tile and marble. But now the pale blue walls feel very stark to me. I want something more dramatic.

Weird as it may seem, I'm drawing my inspiration from this exterior shot of Kristen Buckingham's shop in L.A.  and...

...this bathroom in Bristol.

So I'm starting by first adding some texture to the walls with some faux, floor to ceiling board and batten. This is the beginning of the ceiling molding. This is going to be fun, someone's going to be getting all obsessive over the next few days weeks.


Laetitia said...

Love the indigo color look !:) are you going for that color pattern ? Also dont know if you are aware of this site "Remodelista " they have great inspiration for all kind of rooms/home etc bathroom included ...they had a big section on indigo a little while ago as well ( Indigo is i right now ! ) . http://www.remodelista.com/baths
also looks like we may move back to SF for september so may have to do a lots of home projects myself :)!
OH ! Remodelista also have a sister website Gardenista for garden etc...you can find them on Facebook too .

C a i t l i n said...

Laetitia- I'm inspired by the gloss and turquoise against the black on the front door, and by the richly painted paneling in the second (wish I had that tub!). I'm leaning toward painting out everything in a glossy dark grey with a robin's egg ceiling. (I'm worried that the exact color combo would look tacky in an interior). There is a grey floor in there so I'll have to do some samples to see how that looks. -Caitlin

Laetitia said...

wont look tacky but maybe a little to dark in there for a bathroom ? but maybe if it a big enough bathroom and the surface of your ceiling is vast enough it will make a nice contrast to the grey and the floor . Paint is so tricky ! lol
Agree i could see myself in the tub as well !

Laetitia said...

oh just took a look around and the copper tub do range from $3000 and up ! lol

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