The Garage: A Sweary Stereo Installation

In Jerusalem they have the Wailing Wall, in my garage I have the Swearing Wall. 

There must be some karmically evil force, way beyond my insignificant human existence, that is preventing me from doing anything to this wall without breaking into complete and utter gutter-speak. Oh, the eloquent swear word combinations I have come up with at this wall.

I wish that this stereo shelf installation was a bit more elegant but I'm just glad to have it up, all things considered.

Because I had previously determined that this wall was at least partially hollow, after drilling like 20 lovely pilot holes,I went with toggle bolts.

This was such an enormous pain in the arse that I'm not even going to bother explaining what I did here.


I ended up using the little strip as an added support on the rear wall. The tape prevents tear out when using a jig saw.

Ethan wired it up. We've been listening to an 80's station that makes me cringe.

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