Water Hammer

Recently we have been getting water hammer in the master bathroom. You know, it's that obnoxiously loud humming noise in the wall that goes off whenever you turn off the water or flush a toilet? Sounds relaxing, right?
Luckily I know how to fix this problem. Water hammer occurs when the shock absorbing air chambers, here referred to as doo-dickers, fill up with water. Apparently it is common for this to happen over time.

To fix this problem you basically just need to drain the plumbing system. First turn off the water main. Mine is under the stairs, with a giant red handle.

Open all the faucets starting at the top of the house. Flush all the toilets, then open the lowest water source (in our case the hose in the garage) and let the water run out.

After the house is completely drained, close all the faucets and reopen the main. That way air pressure will build and refill all those little chambers throughout the house.

Voila. No more water hammer. I feel like such a pro when I do this, if only I were brave enough to fix my busted dishwasher :)


Christine @ Little House On The Corner said...

OMG! I am so going to try this! I'm sure we wake up half of the neighbourhood whenever we flush the toilet in the night!

C a i t l i n said...

HA! I hope it's a success :)

Charly Alberts said...

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Unknown said...

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