Wonky Walls

Any spare moment that I have had, I have been working in the boys' bathroom.
This project has been immensely satisfying so far, despite some setbacks.

For one, I have learned that pretty much no wall is completely flat and straight, even in a new, well-constructed house.

Secondly, these 1 3/8th pine strips warp in two directions, which further compounds the not-flat-wall dilemma. Some of those strips looked like boomerangs along their edge.  

Thirdly, spackle and painter's caulk are a carpenter's best friend. Man is it hard to cut a mitered corner to the exact right length. 

And finally, if something can be in the way, it will be.

I am just a few strips shy of finishing this part of the project. The prep work for painting is going to be a complete bear. I'd love to be able to start priming by Friday, but that's probably not going to happen...There are like five million nail holes that need to be filled and sanded.


Laetitia said...

Cool it will give texture and dimension to wall for sure :) Cant wait to see the result ! Did you get your paints samples ? you going with a particular brand ?
PS: husband land the job to SF so be back in California end of September ! Youpie ! miss my California life so bad for 2 years !

C a i t l i n said...

Whoops. Somehow this found its way into the spam box.....So, Laetitia, I have been procrastinating the color choice. More likely than not I will use Benjamin Moore paint, my go to choice. Should it be silver grey, dark grey or black? I don't know. Plus I want to go as shiny as possible and still have it look professional. Definitely a blue ceiling involved too. -Caitlin
p.s. yay on your move!

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