A Meal For One

I usually make a nice dinner every night, usually with whole foods -meaning from fresh, unprocessed ingredients. On nights that I know Oliver won't be home for dinner, I sometimes simplify things, to lighten my load (hello frittata or antipasto dinner).

Tonight I was flying solo for dinner. Kit ate his dinner much earlier (as is usually the case) and Ethan is away. I had already bought these nice tomatoes and basil that were not going to make it another day, so I made myself a simple and delicious meal -nothing earth shattering, but yummy.

I barely cook the tomatoes so they hold their texture and of course I start out with a little olive oil with garlic.

Top with basil and cheese and pepper.

I even made garlic bread, which I can (and do) eat in copious amounts.

Do you make yourself something nice for dinner when you're flying solo or do you just hit the cereal box?

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Laetitia said...

Depend really...When Daniel is on business trip and the kiddos have ate dinner early like yours i sometimes will just have a yogurt and muesli or a little plater of cheeses and red wine :) or like you if something going to go bad like salmon etc i force myself to cook and when its ready i am so glad i did ! lol

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