Bathroom Details

I have a HUGE list of details that need to come together to finish the boys' bathroom redo.

Here's what I can think of off the top of my head:
  • Purchase and install a long chrome shower rod. (The one that RH sells is only 72" long, I need one that is 77"). I need hanging rings too.
  • Clean the windows and sashes.
  • Reinstall the window hardware, the door and towel bars.
  • Reinstall the sink hardware.
  • Paint the switch covers(?), then reinstall.
  • Repaint the sideboard/vanity(?).
  • Touch up paint at ceiling line and around door.
  • Purchase train rack for above toilet.
  • Purchase hamper.
  • Contemplate rug and art.

I bought this fabric the other day at Satin Moon for the shower curtain. I knew they would have something there, that place always delivers. It wasn't crazy expensive either (20$YD). I'm planning on doing the double curtain thing and can't wait to get started but obviously have to blow through a big part of the above list first. It's a cotton/linen from PKaufmann, btw. 

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