Hemming and Hawing

Remember how I was revamping the boys' bathroom? Well, I got a little distracted. Actually, that's not true. I got a little avoident. 
I reached a particularly annoying obstacle: the shower rod.

The shower rod is a problem for two reasons. First, it is not a standard size. The tub is a 72" Sunrise Specialty. I love this tub maker because they make old-school tubs that don't cost a fortune. They are cast iron and extra deep. (I grew up in a 1920's tudor that had all of its original bathrooms -all with giant deep tubs so I'm kind of a stob about shallow acrylic tubs). But I digress... With the aditional real estate of the surround, I needed a custom length shower rod, i.e. no option at Restoration Hardware.

Secondly, the layout of the window and tile meant that I had to drill into the tile which scared the pants off of me. So I procrastinated, for a while.

My solution for the rod was to use a closet bar instead. I bought these brackets and cut a 96" chrome rod down with a hack saw. The circumference is wider than the standard shower rod, but the rings still fit so I think it's OK.

When it came to drilling into the tile, I carefully measured, bought a masonry bit and prayed (don't know why I did that, I'm agnostic at best).


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