Plugging Away

This dresser that sits along the wall below the staircase has a unfortunate plug placement behind it.  The plug prevents the dresser from laying flush to the wall, which really bugs me.

Not only that, it is also sort of dangerous. The dresser gets moved a lot to clean behind it (because debris and dog hair often fall off the stair treads)(ahem, I know I just said this area gets cleaned a lot so I'm not sure why it looks like a dorm room wall). The lamp plug often gets jammed against the wall and mangled. Recently this happened so badly that it broke the outlet plate...

 ...and really bent the prong of the plug.

Leviton (and many others) make this recessed outlet to solve this problem.

FIRST, turn OFF your electricity. I'm such a chicken that I turn off every switch in the electrical box! Green to green (ground). Black (hot) to gold. White (neutral) to silver. Major disclaimer here: Look this stuff up and always check with an electrician if you're not sure.

My electrician tapes off the connections with electrical tape, so I do the same.

Stuff it back in and screw it in and you're good to go.

Now it sits nice and tight to the wall (I still use a felt pad to protect the baseboards, which leaves a slight gap).

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Sandra @ TheHouseOfBing said...

It's a small change, but the improvement is huge. It's nice to not have to have that gap behind pieces of furniture.

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