All That Crap

It's the end of summer yet I've been a bit in "spring cleaning" mode. To be truthful, I've been somewhat bogged down by household chores lately. You know, those loose ends that have a way of lingering because they are a total bore to do.  Like...
 ...finally screwing in the stopper in the primary tub before it goes missing and

...getting the chimney swept.

I've worked through a bunch of necessary but not very fun projects, like:

Washing windows on the top floor.
Dental and Doctors visits for me and the boys.
Getting the blocked tub drain snaked, finally. Remember that fail?
Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork: including all those pesky back to school forms (they're endless).
Costco load-up.
Mountains of laundry... 
         loose socks galore, 
                  empty pepper mills,
                            buttons to sew, 


Laetitia said...

i feel you ! Moving across a country feel like a BIG spring cleaning ! ( yesterday was the visit to the vet for the cat and dog so they can fly with us...oh did i mention i had to get one too ? yep i must be nuts 7 months pregnant and moving ! Well spring cleaning can count as "nesting " i guess in my case.

Well your chimey will be all nice and ready for those fabulous nights in the Fall ...i love the fall season !

C a i t l i n said...

An intercontinental move while preggers. O my. Try not to overdo it.

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