One More Thing...

...about that door.

I also went ahead and lined the inside with cork. O how I just love a nice (analog) pinning surface. Here's how it all went down:

First I removed these scary looking hinges from the door. These things are actually inset into the door.

Best practice is to prop the door while removing hardware and use a jar to hold all the screws.

I used the back-side of wrapping paper to make a template for cutting the cork.

I have a very large roll of cork in my garage. It is actually a very useful thing to have on hand. Mostly I've used it to line the drawers in my kitchen (looks good and works great) and to make custom sized cork boards for other workspaces.

In order to get a nice pinable surface in which the tacks don't bottom out, you need to glue two sheets together, which I do with regular Elmers glue. Clamp together by placing heavy items (like cases of beer and books on top).

Cut down to the exact size after glueing sheets together.

I used a quick grip Liquid Nails formula for attaching to the door and used the same system for clamping in place as with the Elmers. The type of Liquid nails that I used works best with one porous/one nonporous surface. Not so well with two porous surfaces hence the Elmers earlier.

 And as you can see, I also did all this before I painted for fear of damaging the painted surface during this glue up process.

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