Yahweh Or No Way

I've been contemplating painting this little door yellow for a while now. It's the door to a little closet that also needs a makeover.  The way this door was framed out, and was presented by my architect, was that it would be as seamlessly part of the wall as possible. 

I don't think that really happened, even when it was painted in a matte finish (I gave it a glossier finish last year because of the toll little grimy hands were having on it). That thing does not exactly "disappear". So, anyhoo, I've decided to embrace the door and let it be a cheerful yellow. It's such a small job that I can easily change it back if I don't like it.

Of course the trick is to find a yellow with neither too much green or orange in it....

I love the yellows on this book cover and these Jesus candles. I'll probably start with Benjamin Moore's Bright Yellow in a pearl finish. Below are some doors that are similar to the one I'm painting in that they have zero trim detailing. 

I am particularly fond of this last door. This entire house is pretty bitchin, actually and worth a peak.

Any thoughts? Let me know, Yahweh or No way.


Laetitia said...

i think its a YAY for me ...the way the door is cut looks really modern so you may as well go for it ( like you said not a huge risk since its small and can be re paint )

C a i t l i n said...

I hope so because I have 4 coats of yellow on already! -Caitlin

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