This week I framed some artwork that I've had sitting around for a bit. We got both of these pieces from Mollusk -the coolest surf shop in San Francisco. They have a really nicely curated selection of clothes, books, music, surfboards and art.

The print in the front is by Serena Mitnik-Miller, and the poster in the back is by Andy Davis.

For a while I favored white frames but recently I've been into these simple maple frames that I buy at Cheap Pete's here in the city.

I also far prefer a matless framing technique, especially for photography and works on paper. A mat would be too traditional a look for most of the art I own.

Right now the glass cabinet holding the bar is a bit crowded by the long table. I need to move the pastel landscape above it a bit to the left and then I can also move the table. I'd also love to have that pastel reframed (actually in white :/ this time) but that type of floater framing job is turbo expensive. 

The surfer might be going out in the shed but right now is hanging by the yellow door where the number piece usually goes.

Am I a silly nut to not like mats?

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