Wool Pillow

Today I went over to Discount Fabrics to see if I could find any wool to make a simple pillow for the shed redo.  They pretty much always have lovely wool that they buy as remnants. I chose wool because I want something that is durable and masculine. I found this Burberry lambswool for $79 a yard. I think it's so handsome and it is going to look so good out there.

One yard was more than enough for this 14x24 inch insert (and some).  I banged out an envelop pillow cover in like less than an hour. So satisfying. Can't decide if I should make myself a little scarf or make another pillow with the remainder.


Laetitia said...

or make a notebook case or ipad case if you plane on having a desk there i love fabric envelop you can hide anything in there on a table or a desk ...i also use them as gif wrapping when i send my gift to France its had a extra protection and its pretty ...last year i made one for my sister and insert in it socks , makeup kits etc in it :).

C a i t l i n said...

oooo, you got me thinking. It would make a really nice laptop case and a cute little mini iPhone pocket. -Caitlin

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