I mentioned the other day in this post how much I have been enjoying just making stuff lately. I finished these simple painted bookends yesterday.

I had a short end of a weathered 4x4 lying around the garage. I'm pretty sure it came home from Ocean Beach.

I cut the tops at a 30 degree angle with my crosscut saw and then filled the grain with some spackle.

Then I started painting (glossy oil) along side the brancusi stack of blocks that I'm also making. I have for a long time been drawn to maquettes -often finding them more compelling visually than the refined full scale sculptures they become. I often view table top items that are functional also as maquettes -sculptures or interesting objects in and of themselves, even though they have a function. If they are successful, you should want to pick them up and touch them.

 I think I achieved that here, at least for my sensibility.

Cheers. Have a great weekend. Go out and make something!


Laetitia said...

Those will be fabulous as Christmas gifts :)! i want some !

C a i t l i n said...

thanks. maybe I need to start an etsy shop....

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