One Giant Mess

I'm rearranging closets -three different areas so things are in a bit of disarray. Actually this post will be a bit disorganized too because everything is still in progress but I wanted to show that I haven't been up to nothing :)
My linen closet is a mess and overflowing. The linen closet is in the passageway from the master bedroom to the master bath. Half of my sheets are stacked in the laundry room right now…

And also piled up helter skelter in the sewing room.

There's also a bunch of Oliver's clothes in the sewing room that I want to move. 

Which brings me back to the linen closet…

I thought it would be good to put hanging stuff here and

move all the large down quilts and comforters to the top shelf here in the bedroom.

I've been trying to come up with a low cost, easy solution to storing the sheets in the laundry room.

Seems like shelves here would be a good location as my laundry room is on the second floor right by the bedrooms.

As it happens, I had this shelf that came out of the shed when I did the major workspace overhaul out there. I thought I could paint her up and sit her right on top of the folding shelf.

Problem was, it was just a tad too tall to fit. I started by cutting off the riser that extended at the bottom of the shelf.

This was very easy to do. I used a drywall saw and just let the blade follow the bottom of the shelf.

After that, the shelf was still too tall but I realized that because the top had a lap joint, I could cut down the sides pretty easily and reattach the top.

I left the top on while cutting so that I could again use it to guide the blade of the saw and then removed the extra wood at the joint and reattached it with very long brads.

And guess what, it actually worked! I took down the last section of the Ikea shelves that span the space over the folding table (how I refigure that shelve will be a whole nother post because I want to add two more shelves above what I have now).

I find it kind of miraculous that this fits. I was worried that the ceiling might not be square and true in that corner and I wanted the shelf to be as tight to the ceiling as possible. I am very psyched that I didn't have to use any trim at all to camo gaps. I love crown molding in the right space but it would look really weird with my house's spare architecture and aesthetic.   

The other option I was toying with and favoring was turning the shelves this way. Let's call this option two in case anyone wants to weigh in in the comments section (I would really love that).

So now I need to clean em up, prime them and paint them the same color as the walls.

Here are some before and afters for fun.

Phew. That was a long rambler of a post. My brain is fried.

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