Proper Landscaping

Over the weekend I replanted in the front of my house.

I had some tea tree bushes flanking the doors which were not doing well. 

 One of them had actually died which precipitated this project.

All of them looked pretty scraggly and weren't flowering very often, I think because they were way too dry and weren't getting enough direct sun. Apparently we've only gotten 3" of rain this calendar year and I clearly don't water enough. When these plants do well they are really beautiful but when they don't, not so much.

I replaced the tea trees with Indian Laurel Nitida and Boxwood. I got a screaming deal at Home Depot. 32$s each for the trees and 11$s each for the Boxwood.

I put up some little (ugly) signs to try to minimize the leg lifting that's bound to happen here, at least until everything is established.

I think this more formal planting style really dresses up the front of my house. I plan to square out the trees as they get bigger so that their tops only reach the green belly band on the house. I also will square off the boxwood once it grows together. And I will be watering more frequently!

I transplanted the still living tea trees to these planters up on my deck, where I hope they will be happier. I'll post about this over the next day or so.

Am I the only crazy one digging up plants and moving them around? Seems like a habit with me…

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