Avocado Trees

My son Ethan and I love growing avocado trees. I got my first pit to sprout back in April (you can find that post here) and we've been continuously starting them since.
The method of dropping them in a shot glass half submerged in water works really well for us. You can be quite forgetful about watering and they will still be submerged enough to sprout.

Of course it feels like FOREVER for them to sprout. The guy on the left is so ready to be put in dirt.

I'm pretty sure that this one in the boys' bathroom is the one I potted in April. I like to let them grow up up up with all their greenery at the top, so I never nip them at the top. 

This is the one that someone gave Ethan a few years ago. It's had some sad moments and is still fighting off a mealy bug infestation (despite multiple treatments), but seems to be very happy in our bedroom due to the southern exposure. 

 I just love how tall it's getting. Probably time for a new pot.

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