Christmas Greens

This weekend Ethan and I went to the flower mart. My preference is to decorate for Christmas with live greens. I know that there are  some pretty convincing artificial Christmas greens available now but the really good ones are not inexpensive and then there is the issue with having to store the stuff for the rest of the year...

Plus, for me the whole point of decorating this way is to bring the outside in. It smells great, the leaves and needles drop and leave little organic messes, it's a bit exotic that way. It sort of strikes me as funny when I see the exterior of a house all wrapped up in plastic greens -that's bringing the inside out. Not judging though, to each its own when it comes to decorating, that's what keeps it interesting.

So we loaded up with a bunch of wreaths, garland and flowers.

This is the first time that I've put a wreath in our bedroom.

Clearly I am not that hard to please because this wreath makes me so happy.

 I wonder if this is bad feng shui. Probably, but so worth it :)

Check back in. I'll be posting about the rest of the house later in the week.

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