Laundry Room Shelves: Part Two

I finished up with the linen storage in the laundry room last week but only now got around to photographing it. As you will recall, I refigured a bunch of closets to try to come up with a better solution for the giant mess I had going. I still find it miraculous that that shelf fit in this spot and I think it looks good all painted up. I know my linens don't look perfectly presented and folded a la Martha S, but they are organized according to size so I'm ok with that.

Just as a reminder, this is what I started with.

I still view this as a temporary solution for storage in the laundry room. Ideally I would have floor to ceiling cabinet in this corner that not only held linens but also stored the vacuum and a few miscellaneous cleaning supplies. That would involve trimming down the folding shelf though, which I believe was the original reason I didn't go that route when building the house. I'll live with this solution for a while and see it works (I'm still a little shy on linen storage space).

The next phase is to install two more Ikea Ekby shelves on this wall to hold things like tp and paper towels. In order to do this I need to find a Appleply dealer and have the shelves cut down to size. Appleply is the product I used for the folding table (doubled) which has a far more handsome edge than the highest quality maple ply you can get at most big box home stores. It has more layers and it looks much better if you are going for the exposed edge thing.

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