More Fun with Toilets

Rut roh. What is this?
Yes folks, things had gotten so smelly in the boys bath that dire measures needed to be taken. This moving the toilets thing has actually become a semi-annual event...I've gotten so good at it that I can now do it singlehandedly.

The root of the problem here is that the caulk seal between the base of the toilet and the floor fails, which allows, erm, misdirected liquids, cough, to get under there and stink to high heaven. We're talking rank gas station bathroom smells, just to be clear.

I decided to try this new no wax gasket thingy. It's like a really soft donut and cost about $14 at my local hardware store.

It pops right into the flange in the waste line. 

Those screws are standard to any waste line toilet situation. Just line up the toilet over them and lower it into place. It's pretty easy to straddle the toilet and shuffle it over to the right spot, even solo.

Place base for cover caps, washer and then tighten nut. Do not over tighten or the porcelain will crack.

After this step I do the leak test. I reattach the water feed and flush the toilet several times with a paper towel slipped under the base. If there is any leaking, the paper will show that when you pull it out. Test on all sides.

I usually use latex acrylic to caulk the toilets. I guess because it boasts easy "water clean-up". I realize now though, that that stuff keeps breaking down which is causing the stinky problem so this time I went with silicone. 100% waterproof silicone (we'll see how it holds up to bleach).

I taped off the toilet and tile so that I could get a pretty thick bead and still have it look neat.

Squirt that silicone out, run a finger across and then remove the tape while it's still wet. I actually feel that the silicone's slippery quality makes it is easier to handle than latex. 

Voila. Looking good. Three hour drying time and then she's ready to go.

Here's hoping this fix lasts.


Layne @ The Room Journal said...

No. Way. I'm pretty sure I have this exact same problem with my basement toilet. I'm so glad you posted this! I'm going to try to follow your steps this weekend. I hope it works for me too!

C a i t l i n said...

You will look and feel like a pro when you do it and most certainly impress your husband with your wide variety of skills :) -Caitlin

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

Mad props for setting the toilet alone. I've messed a few wax rings in my day, it isn't fun. I absolutely love your bathroom. The white toilet looks stunning on your graphite floor. hahah kinda funny to complement a toilet ;)

Unknown said...

How does the green flange thing work? We plan on changing out our flooring. Is this a one size fits all kind of thing or are there different sizes of it?

C a i t l i n said...

Caroline, the green flange thing works great. It replaces the traditional wax seal that is very commonly used. It fits a standard 4" waste downspout, which is most likely what you have. If you are only changing out your floor and not moving any plumbing, you will likely keep everything as is and only need to pop one of these on when you put the toilet back on. -Caitlin

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