Small Tokens of Appreciation

It is that time of year when I buy small gifts for all the therapists, teachers and aides that make Kit's continued growth and development possible. It takes a small army to treat autism and I am so grateful for Kit's team. Like I can't even describe.

This year I bought nice soaps for everyone. I am a particular fan of good soap. It is such a nice way to start the day - a good bar of soap. These are all French made but I have found that there are many American companies making really good soap these days. I realize that I should post about my favorites, and promise to do so.

I made all the cards with my prismacolor markers. I am so into making plaids right now. Prismacolor makes any illustration or drawing look better. There are like a zillion colors and they saturate the page really well. So worth the money. I'm hoping to add to my collection for Christmas, they were on my wish list :)

OK, I'm sick and 2 buds and 2 benadryl deep right now. Time to hit the hay!

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