This Christmas Thing

This weekend I was finding myself annoyed by Christmas. The Christmas songs at the grocery store -the day after Thanksgiving, bugged me and made me grumpy. It started creeping into my social media and stressed me out. Don't get me wrong, I love christmas. I love to decorate my house, I love that my sister comes and stays with us, I love to buy special gifts, I love wrapping presents and drinking eggnog and champagne, I love having special meals and hanging out as a family. I just don't like it to last a whole month. For me, two weeks of the Christmas season is just about perfect. 
I guess in part we have the advent calendar to blame. It does set us up for starting the count down to Christmas on the first of December. Maybe I need to make a new one of these things that has only like 12 days -like the song.

I'm kidding. I know I just sounded like a total PMSy scrooge but I do appreciate a good advent calendar. I made this one about 9 years ago for my boys. It's made entirely out of felt and I sewed it at night when my kids were sleeping. The most time consuming part was cutting out all those felt numbers. It is a duplicate of the one that I grew up with. One might be tempted to change out the little ornaments year after year but I found that keeping them the same made it more special for me as the years went on, my sisters and I knew them all by heart and I'm hoping the same is true for my kids. 

So for all of you who can handle Christmas in large long doses, kudos. For others, this blog will be pretty Christmas free until about the 14th and then it's going to be fa la la la la out the wazoo.

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