Toy Blocks For Adults

How time flies. It's been a month since I made these painted driftwood blocks.

I don't know what it is, but these block just make me happy. I am like a kid, seriously.

I guess I like what they are and what they're not. They are not precious, they are interactive, they are handmade but not too serious. They have no purpose, they were fun to make. I don't know if I would like them as much if I didn't have the personal connection to them. 

I made them out of a piece of driftwood that Ethan brought home. I cut them on the bias and painted the ends black and dark blue, one of my favorite color combos.

I like their beachy contrast to the polished secretary in the dining area. 

That's all for now.


Laetitia said...

i like them too ! :) Great Xmas gifts i said !

Layne @ The Room Journal said...

Those are fun! I like the way they look stacked up end to end. :)

C a i t l i n said...

Ironically I'm too busy to make them right now for gifts! :)

C a i t l i n said...

thnx Layne. Yes, fun to rearrange. -Caitlin

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