A New Dish: Parsnip Gratin

Didn't I say a while back that I was going to do a new dish once a fortnight? Well boy did that not happen. However,

All is not lost. I've been doing a better job recently of making new dishes. This one was particularly good.  I got the recipe from the blog Feasting at Home, which has some really unique whole food recipes with easy instructions and beautiful photographs. 

Parsnip gratin is an excellent variant on your basic gratin. It has all the goodness that a typical gratin has to offer (gruyere and cream) but is a little earthier, allowing for it to be a main vegetarian dish rather than a side as is only the case with a potato gratin.

Slice the parsnip as thinly as you can.

 Same goes for the onion.

Feasting at Home had the good tip that you can pretty much dump in all the lower level ingredients being sure to alternate in the cheese and thyme and then put a pretty layer on top. 

 Saving me time but still making it look professional.

Stir together and heat the cream, garlic, pepper, thyme and flour. (I skipped the nutmeg as I don't care for it).

Pour the cream mixture over the top and load on some more cheese and thyme. Bake at 400 for 50 minutes covered, then 10 more uncovered to brown.

Served with simple greens. A delicious cozy Sunday night dinner.

I've discovered that Pinterest is a great way to find new recipes. If you've got any good ones (especially vegetarian) send the link my way.

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