Master Bath Fixes

We've been living in our house for over 5 years now and it's gotten to be time to do a little maintenance around the place.
The master bath has some mostly cosmetic fixes that I'm ready to tackle.

The sink and tub surrounds are made of teak and their finishes are in pretty bad shape.

Just like a boat they need to be stripped and resealed.

I'm not yet sure how to tackle this. It might be best to go at it with a palm sander rather than with stripper.

Either way I'm sure will trash the walls and require a new coat of paint. I'm going to stick with the same color but might also paint out the ceiling.

 I have something fun planned for the shower.

Remember all that lath that Ethan and I salvaged over the summer?

I'm planning on paneling the top part of the shower stall with it.

When we built the house I didn't tile to the skylight because it saved me about 100 sq ft of material. I can't remember what I paid per sq ft of tile but this decision probably saved me anywhere from 600 to 1000 dollarinees so it felt like the right decision to make. That skylight is like 12 or 13 feet up there so it was a surprising amount of tile to go all the way up.

I'm not even sure if putting lath up there is the right thing to do stylistically in this bathroom but I have this urge to just do it. Probably in like five years, It'll feel so so dated but I'll just take it down then if it does. I'm planning on nailing right into the drywall so it will be easy up and easy down if need be.

I have mostly seen the lath used in its rough form as paneling. I like the way these designers/stylist use it here.  

I am finding, however, that I am really liking the way the aged wood looks when it is planed. (I have a planer which makes cleaning up the wood to this state a cinch.)

Rough on the left, planed on the right. I'm leaning right. Please do leave a comment with your opinion. I'm going to do the shower stall before refinishing the sink and tub.


Unknown said...

I love that idea! And your sink is amazing. Cant wait to see it once it's given some love!

Vel Criste said...

These will look good on that space you planned it for, but I'm worried about moisture though. Curious to know how you plan to seal the lath and make it 'water proof' somewhat. You sink is gorgeous, but I agree, needs updating, I'm not brave to use any wood around water yet, because of the reasons you see in your sink, hence, I withheld from using it in my kitchen too. :-(

C a i t l i n said...

Thank you Caroline. It really does need some love right now :)

C a i t l i n said...

Good point, I wonder how the lath would hold up if I don't finish it at all. I may finish the lath with varnish depending on if I can get a very matte finish. Anything too glossy will not look right, I think. I'm not really concerned with waterproofing in terms of water getting into the substructure because the upper part of the shower has the same waterproofing seal as the lower part of the shower which is standard building procedure for under tile. Also the skylight opens to let out steam so it's not super steamy in there, would be a drag to have that wood start to get all slimy though, wouldn't it ;)- -Caitlin

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