Main Bath: Shower stall progress

Finally some progress and something to report on in the primary bathroom.

Last I left it, I was preparing my recycled lath for the planer so that I could start paneling the shower stall of the main bathroom.

Well that happened and boy was it satisfying. After sorting and removing all the nails from the lath, all that I had to do was feed it though the planer. In order to get the lath to the same thickness, you feed them all through and then lower the blades and repeat until the wood looks good.  I did this in the back yard so that I could eventually just rake the shavings into the soil.

I hauled our ladder upstairs to begin the prep work. Getting up and down this thing is no easy feat believe you me.

I taped up some samples to see whether I should go vertically or horizontally with the lath. Horizontal won out to mirror the tiles. Also it is a lot easier to install it this way.

Because the edges of the lath are rough and not completely straight and true, I painted out the walls in a dark color so that the sub wall would not show through the small gaps that would occur. I had this very dark blue left over from my flub in the shed for the One Room Challenge.

Because I was cleaning the walls of the shower to prep for the dark paint, I just went for it and cleaned the skylight too, that thing was nasty.

There is really nothing to this. The only things to watch for are staggering the cuts in the panels and staying level. And going into the studs whenever possible.

My analog level is too long for the narrow section of the shower stall so I downloaded an app which worked wonders.

It felt great to finally get this project underway. I've been swamped lately in a bad way and this was great therapy.

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