The Fog of Nyquil

So I've been sick. I came down with the flu a week ago and I've had a really hard time shaking it. Basically I feel like I developed a serious case of black lung. I hack away the night, even on Nyquil (god I hate that stuff) and I am so congested that I feel a bit nauseous all of the time. I've got a major case of the blahs!

I'm trying to rest and drink lots of fluids so that I can get my mojo back. Hoping to be back to my regular self by the weekend.

Cheers. Wash your hands often folks, this year's flu is b r u t a l. 


Laetitia said...

oh no :(! Take care ...i was wondering how you were doing ! hope you had wonderful Holidays . Happy new year to you and your family :)

Shannon said...

Happy New Year?

GET WELL SOON!! Sending you some antibodies and happy thoughts!

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