Pom Poms

Isn't this a little cutie?  

I made this yesterday after being inspired by these colorful pom poms from the home of Ambra Medda shown in the Selby.

I kind of splurged and bought some beautiful hand-dyed wool from a local knit shop.

This is my first foray into pom pom making. I was going for size.
I would like to make a few more that are denser like the ones from the Selby shot. I'm still playing around with density and size. These are almost more like tassels. I'm also going to experiment with how they turn out if I put them in the dryer.

Obviously there's no limit to the color combo possibilities and the way the colors are integrated together in the actual pom pom.  Here I wound the green and blue separately so they were more distinct and patchy.

These would also look great hung as a double or used sparingly as a curtain tie back -I think only one here or there so as not to be too much.


Ever made a pom pom? They're easy-peasy and great projects for kids and they're not just for hats! Let me know if anyone is interested in a tutorial.


Shannon said...

that's a pretty pompom! we made them when i was little...i want to make pompom garlands at some point for some reason - like birthday party or what

Shannon said...

or whatever
have you notice what a pain it is to type a comment on your iphone?

anyways, that selvy tour is fantastic! i lived a little like this in my twenties. a million this and thats everywhere and everything in the right spot. stuff was much more important back then...now i abhore clutter. i still like the look of a lot of stuff (and i like pretty things) but i want things tucked away if at all possible!

your one room reveal was amazing! great work! (as if you need to hear that from me)... take care!

C a i t l i n said...

Thanks Shannon. I always like a compliment :) The Selby website is my absolute favorite for seeing really great creative spaces. That and Freude von Freunden for the way that the homes are as they really are -no styling and carried in props for the photo shoot. FVF has featured some especially dreamy homes from Berlin that I just adore.

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