There's Nothing like a Good Secretary

Yesterday's post featured a pom pom hung from the key to a secretary cabinet. The photo was a relatively tight shot that didn't show off that beauty to its fullest. 
I just love this secretary. I love the way it adds some stature to my otherwise laid back decor, and it has a story.

That's my husband with his parents as a baby. Notice anything in the background? Yes, that's it! They bought it as newlyweds (already an antique then) and it has traveled from Belgium to New Jersey, back to Belgium, then to Connecticut, then to London, then Belgium, then San Francisco, then Santa Rosa before it landed back in San Francisco about a year and a half ago when it was gifted to my husband and me.

Obviously because it has come from family it has special meaning to me plus I just love how functional a good old secretary is. This bad boy rocks. 


Shannon said...

wow! it really gets around!!
i have been trying to plan a trip, a bonus trip for april, since we have firm plans in may already for maimi beach! and i cant pick a destination! sucks so bad! i dont trust the internet to refer me to a good place! ummm... maybe your secretary has an idea!
yes! so i am going to ask everyone with kids to tell me their favorite 4-5 daytrip in the usa with young kids!

Shannon said...

sorry hijack - but kinda a segway!
a little bit?
we might be down to pebble beach (parents ony) in november! yeah!

Unknown said...

What a well traveled piece! Wish it had a passport to display ;)

C a i t l i n said...

When you go to pebble beach you must go to Asilomar State beach. It is THE most beautiful beach. White, white sand and green/blue water. You can also walk up through the golf course there from that beach.

C a i t l i n said...

Shannon, hmmm, a tough one because of the spring weather. Best trip? Hawaii, Haneli Bay. That's where they filmed many of the beach scenes of George Clooney running (with the hedge) in the movie The Descendants. From California, a doable 4-5 day trip, probably not so much from your neck of the woods. My only other advice… not Disneyland. OOOOO, Miami beach. So great for your other trip ;) lucky you.

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