White Linen Curtains

I've been sewing some new linen curtains for my bedroom. I've finished the pleating and I'm waiting for some additional curtain rings so that I can hang and hem 'em. 
I went back and forth on what to use for fabric.  I was considering a grey wool but in the end thought that might be too heavy for the room, which gets southern sun all day long. I found this white cotton linen at Discount Fabrics in the city for $16.95 yrd. It took me several visits to find the right white and texture as they have a pretty regular stock turnover there. This fabric has no yellow tones and the texture is very fine and pretty tight in the weave, definitely designed for apparel rather than upholstery. Below are some of my inspiration shots. I really like the extra pooling, although probably not that practical for my house. We'll see.


Stacey said...

We are so on the same wavelength! I am so excited that I can sew that I entertained the thought of sewing curtains for my Master. They would be white too. However, the thought re sewing was short lived and I ordered some from JC Penny that were on sale. I haven't received them yet, but hopefully they work. I will share on the blog if they do. Can't wait to see yours! I will be practicing my sewing on some scrap pieces of cloth this weekend:-)

C a i t l i n said...

Your curtains will probably be up before mine! I'm waiting on some rings (ordered the wrong size) argh. Your master is beautiful, I look forward to the post. Happy sewing:)

Mike said...

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