Refinishing a Teak Tub Surround

This is what I've been working on lately.
 Stripping the tub surround in my bathroom.

Major pain but worth the effort. I lined the actual tub with some recycled plastic bags I had saved.  

It's teak and the finish was pretty worn. It's five years old so I expected as much. I take a lot of baths so this actually held up pretty well.

I used citristrip which worked really well. Only two coats were needed followed by a neutralizer wash and then sanding.

It was inevitable that the walls would get trashed in the process of stripping the surround, so after I finished the tub prep, I peeled off any loose paint and caulk and then spackled the walls. Two coats. Now they're ready to be primed and I won't risk damaging the new tub finish prepping the walls for painting.

I am finishing with a satin finish spar varnish. I put on the first coat today. Can calls for 4 coats with sanding in between but I've heard others suggest 7 is best. I keep reminding myself, patience. I still also need to do the sink too, probably start stripping that tomorrow. 


Shannon said...

woman - you dont have any where near a fixer upper, and you are always doing sooo much hard work - elbow grease and determination and skillz...i bow down...i am going to empty the dishwasher after a dinner party SUNDAY! aiyah!

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous space. It's like a dream!

C a i t l i n said...

A little nutty, I know. Busy hands, quiet mind.

C a i t l i n said...

Thanks Caroline ;)

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