Distracted by Tie Dye

My older son is taking a month-long bike trek this summer. He saw a cool, top tube mounted bag online, which he naturally assumed his sewing mom could churn out in a jiffy.

Well, I did make it but it was a bit of a mo-fo, I have to admit. It did, however, turn out spectacularly and does deserve a post all its own later.

Anyhow. One step in making said bag was dyeing the natural canvas, which is an activity that Kit loves.  

Because we are working outside, and this decrepit table is headed to the hearth anyhow, Kit does all the steps independently without me worrying about spills, etc.

 I mean, what boy doesn't like to make a good potion?

After rinsing the canvas pieces for the bag, it was me who was ready for some more fun. It seemed like such a waste to toss all that dye.

When I recently made those linen kitchen towels, I sewed some all white ones that I never got to dyeing. Ethan and I tressed them up (and a tee shirt for him).

I will admit I have a sort of love-hate thing with tie dye. Always fun to make, but sometimes ending with hideous results! The odds of making something good is improved dramatically by sticking with one color, I think.

These I like but if I were to do a second batch, I'd go for more blue and less white so I guess less folding and rolling prior to binding.

Fan of tie dye of any kind or no? Tell.

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