The bougainvillea in my yard is about to achieve its full summer regalia.

These vines are going on seven years old and are getting quite hardy.

The east side vine is a little ahead in bloom of the west side one.

This year I pruned back the bushiness at the bottoms so they don't cover the front of the windows on either side of the doors.

We're in a drought here in California so I don't water my lawn at all which is why it is completely brown, however I do have these feather grasses which are naturally spreading and taking over. I love them, it makes the yard feel all scrubby and wild and beach like.


Shannon said...

looks like a movie set! and you get to live there?!!! so perfect!!

Unknown said...

I cant believe this is your house- so jealous!

C a i t l i n said...

ha ha, missing from the picture is the trampoline, mine field of dog doo and bald patches!!

C a i t l i n said...

Thnx Caroline. Hope you're house is sold!! I love the adventure you're taking.

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