R.I.P. Picnic Table

You know how Oliver and I recently built a replica of our very decrepit picnic table? Well, today was the day to put her to rest.

We had a strange attachment to this table. As I mentioned before, we got it on craig's list from an older couple who had built it themselves. When we moved into our new house, we searched high and low for a picnic table that had some soul. All those teak sets, though beautiful, didn't feel right -we wanted something much more unique and laid back for the yard.

So when we found this for 20 bucks, we were elated. It was already pretty dilapidated when we bought it, but it looked great and had a story. And the couple selling it were happy to have someone take it out of their yard, the thing weighs a ton.

I take a lot of photos for my blog on this table because it has such a great patina. The problem was that the entire structure of the table was rotting. The whole thing sort of moved when anyone sat down on the benches.

So we thought we would try to salvage as much of the wood as possible.

 Ethan helped me with the demo, which took about an hour.

A couple people commented last week about how nice my yard looked, but here it is in its white trash state of mind. Gotta love the nasty coolers strewn about (yes my refrigerator died again the week before last and those have been living in the yard since), plus the tipped over tent adds a special je ne sais quoi :)

After we pried off the top, we realized that most of the rest of the table was rotten and termite infested.

 So our salvage pile is a lot smaller than our burn pile.

This may become an Ocean Beach bonfire depending on how motivated my pyro 16 year old is...


Unknown said...

Silly, the fridge is supposed to go on your front porch ;) Obviously we aren't from the same place lol

C a i t l i n said...

too funny ;)

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