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Did you ever, as a child, get a chain letter? I remember receiving them from camp friends and they were always accompanied by appropriately crazy girly threats like, "if you don't send this on to seven friends you will die!" Well, guess what...I always broke the chain, because I was lazy and far preferred watching Brady Bunch reruns to writing chain letters.

But that was then. And this is now, so when I received a blog chain letter from Shannon that was making its way around, I bucked up and got busy. Shannon writes the always interesting (no fluff) blog 8FOOT6. I love her style and straight forward manner, and she also has the most amazing instagram feed (be prepared to be feel inspired and inadequate all at the same time) which often features incredible meals she churns out on the daily.   

From what I can tell (this chain letter thing is a little like the game telephone in that the original statement gets garbled along the way), the intent if the letter is for the receiving blogger to share a real-time home tour and answer four questions and then pass it on to someone else. Well, the tour ain't happening, because I'd rather be watching Brady Bunch (kidding, my house is a total mess) but I have compiled a series of photos that I do think illustrate what the gist is of my blog and home. OK here it goes.

Why do I write/create what I do?

Because it's fun! My blog helps me prioritize making stuff and doing projects. That's what I want to be doing anyway, so it's a great external excuse to let the laundry pile up because I have to "create content" for my blog. I also blog to be part of a community of like-minded people. I guess I'm a voyeur...I like to see what satisfying stuff other people are doing and I like to get feedback on the projects I'm working on.

How does my work differ from others in my genre?
So there are many, many of us who write DIY/ Design blogs. I'd like to think that the projects that I work on and blog about are unique, visually interesting, honest and full of relevant information. Perhaps my blog is a bit different because I have strong technical skills that I draw on heavily. On my blog you'll see homemade items, dumpster dives and wavy glass harvesting.

You'll also see not so pretty scenes that I hope inspire readers to take on repairs themselves.

How does your writing creative process work?
It is really quite simple. My objective is always to write a narrative of what I've been doing/working on. That, in turn, is based on a story that I've laid out with photos. I try to write as clearly as possible and give pertinent detail without droning on.

What am I working on now?

That's top secret! But let me put it this way, too many things at once! Stay tuned, projects involve: pigmented epoxy, spray paint and sidewalks, and gaffers tape.

I am passing this on to a great blog across the pond, Little House on the Corner written by Christine and Jan. They are super bold in the projects they tackle in their cool edwardian home outside Manchester, UK. We're talking demo-ed walls, stacks of bricks, ancient garage roof rebuild, floor rehabs, painting, stripping, etc!!! All great stuff.

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Shannon said...

You're so sophisticated!!
Cant wait to check out the next blog and epoxy?! Yes! Shiny!!!

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