Door Stop Prototype

I've been thinking for some time now about a bunch of products I'd like to make in limited runs to sell either on Etsy or on my own site. One of these is a sand filled door stop.

I made this prototype today. Mostly I was trying to get a sense for size, construction method, and how the sand will work as a filler. I  will most likely use hand dyed canvas for the real ones but used this heavy fabric today because its plaid pattern makes for easy templating.

Basically, I made a big cube. 

The construction method is just like a box cushion pillow. I found a great youtube tutorial here which explains very well how to handle and make sharp looking corners.

I know this sounds stupid, but I've grown to realize over time that having decent sewing tools (mostly good rulers, markers and scissors) makes a huge difference in how a project unfolds, and also thank goodness for youtube because almost any sewing dilemma can be answered there.

 I went with 5 inches square -which I now realize is a bit too big.

The whole thing gets sewn inside out so I needed to leave about a 2 inch gap for turning it right side out and for adding the sand.

It took all that sand -a half gallon, which I got at Ocean Beach. I hand sewed it shut after filling.

I like the idea of a soft but heavy door stop so that it can be moved as needed with one's foot without worrying about scraping the door or floor. This guy is pretty heavy but in a nice sort of way.

I'm kind of enamored with this big daddy but I'm going to try to go down one inch to four inches square and see how that looks and obvs check out how the canvas works.


Laetitia said...

Agreed:) On the last picture you can tell its a tiny bit to big scale wise for that particular door/room but I could imagine someone with a big farm style door could be in need of a big door stopper. I could see also a triangle shape one with a nice rope boat at the top of the triangle to pick up and move around:)
Continue the good work! I am a FAN!

Karen Smith said...

Yes, I was thinking you could add a handle (twill tape?) pretty easily.
Another idea: a 'cleaner', sterile sand would be play sand.
Keep up the great work!

C a i t l i n said...

Thank you so much for the input. Seems folks like a handle ;) I swear to you that the sand from the dunes at Ocean Beach is super clean -does not smell or have any dusty residue. Would sterile bought sand still be something that you would prefer if you were a buyer? -Caitlin

C a i t l i n said...


Laetitia said...

I think regarding the type of sand it can be a hit or miss...I know when my husband build our sandbox I refuse for him to use the sand from the beach. It did said like you that the sand was clean and it will not smell. At the end I won the argument as not so convince:). Maybe the ocean sand could appeal to people more prone to organic and nature ( and I am all for that ...not just for the sandbox!lol)maybe you could have two set one with "natural" sand and one with" industrial /play sand". Industrial sand can be mix with dried lavender too!

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