I'm still undecided on this minor change up. I got the giraffe head marked down from 48 Bucks to 19.99$. It's from Anthropology.

This is my downstairs powder room. It's nearly impossible to photograph anything in here. No window. There are some other shots of it here, when I last tweaked it a bit.

My son Ethan made the paper wreath out of origami paper and right now it's tucked behind one of his drawings in there. I need to figure out if I can get that giraffe to wear the wreath like a crown, I'm thinking that would look right. 

Post update: 

Cell phone pic but you get the idea.


Alana said...

Love the giraffe with his crown--but not his necklace. Will he be appreciated in there? He looks good.

caitlin said...

Ha! Alana, you might me right! And, yes he will be appreciated in there...that bathroom gets lots of traffic, in fact, too much. ;)

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