Quickie Project

For reasons I'd rather not go into, my phone took a swim in the tub this week which necessitated getting a new one. Not that I'm not happy with my new phone but the expense...OY. 

I like to put my phone inside a "sock" before I throw it in my bag which has my keys and change floating around in it. I had this fabric left over from my living room ORC redo.

This took less than 20 minutes. I leave the hems exposed and because I'm sewing with wool I go with the fraying and use it to my advantage. The sides are cut with pinking shears, but will eventually fray like the top. The stitch at the edge prevents the fabric from fraying down to nothing, like Weezer's sweater.


Anna Sundman said...

Love this! But I feel like you need a top flap or something, won't it fall out? The fabric is awesome.

caitlin said...

What a great idea! I hadn't thought of a flap and it would easy to do by just folding it over. It would probably look a little more "finished" that way. The way it is, I make the fit pretty tight so I don't really have a problem with it falling out of the sock, jsyk.

megan bachmann said...

such a cute DIY! thanks for sharing.

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